Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Faith and Recovery for Bipolar

A number of bi-polar bloggers in the blogosphere have a very deep faith. Most for good, although the odd one has found more trouble than good with his/her faith journey.

I think that fundamentally the recovery, coping, living, is based on a support network. Sure, that sounds pretty self-explanatory and obvious, but here's my question: what about atheists?

I can't really speak for an atheist with bi-polar, and I could never put my shoes in that frame of mind (unless we had a parallel universe :P), but I want to know for atheists how do you cope?

Let me frame that question a bit better so it deosn't seem so patronizing.

Do you find adequate support networks? How do you balance questions (if you ever have them) that involve non-belief in a 'higher being' or a 'greater purpose'?

Does that make sense? Any thoughts?

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