Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bad News and Pain Without Love

Is there ever any good news out there? Forget the economy that's in shambles (double recession is already here), but for those with mental health issues, well it's never a good prognosis, everything is cut short from your temper to your life... Shouldn't come as a surprise, but it's simply not good news in a realm where good news can make all the difference. I can think of a friend who suffers from borderline personality disorder. The smallest thing in her life may set her off into a catatonic state. Joyful things used to be something she could -- well -- feel joyful about. Now it's a struggle, largely due to her struggles. What left her with a smile before is now fleeting; it's harder and harder to experience joy. So you'll find people in this type of situation resort to tactics 'normal' people may not fathom, cutting, suicide, self harm...... all to accent the need to feel-------feel something, anything.... I guess that song is true in some ways, 'I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all'.... Scary. A wake up call to catch the symptoms and address them before they snowball to a point joy becomes a whisper in your life.

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