Monday, March 28, 2011

The Sad Story of Sheen

Destructive choices can yield destructive people.

Some Americans may be fascinated with the implosion of Charlie Sheen. These nobs pay $100 to see a terrible show in person. Not because they watn to be part of something unique or memorable. but because they enjoy watching the fall of another human being. They want to see the car accident unravel before their eyes.

Who's sicker? Sheen or the people who go and see him in studio. Well they certainly aren't smarter. Giving money to Sheen is like having a 4 year old trick an investment banker for 100K. Just pl ain silly.

Stop the madness. There's actually a segment of the population that suffers from legitimate diseases that are now being made a mockery out of. By the way, I'm sure Sheen suffers from the same issues in his head as the same group he's deriding.

He's sick. Why else does he attempt to 'raise money' for local bi-polar charities. Just playing the part? Or is he sick? And no, it's not Fringe, he didn't cure himself with Lobster venom or whatever concoction is hilarious today.

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