Monday, April 18, 2011

First Sheen Now Zeta Jones

Don't know the details but one thing is for sure in the past couple of months: bi-polar disorder is taking front stage in the headlines..... Well, mostly the tabloids.

Nonetheless there is an interesting air of publicity coming the way of a disorder that has been mostly swept under the rug. If there's anything good about Charlie sheen is a kind of sick awareness campaign to the mind has been raised.

I wonder how long before an organization picks up on the bi-winning slogan to raise somec ash for good. Actually, come to think of it that would be a bad idea, probably best to steer clear of anything Sheen related when it comes to bipolar.

What's sad is a fascination with people who have mental health problems.

Catherine Zeta jones is beautiful, powerful, and maybe bi-polar? (She hasn't confirmed as of yet.)

So what?

How about less interest on what 'might' happen if she flips out and more about how she's functioned over time.

Let's not assume and seek the worse in humanity, let's strive to celebrate the best.

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